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Crashing of Most Marriages "RUSH TO DIE"

Generally marriage is a good thing. The Bible said, a woman will leave his father and mother house and cling to a man and they become one born, one flesh.  Marriage is a union that is approved by God. These days, the dream of any lady is to get married every little child who is in secondary school wants to get married! They are tired of schooling, be it young, old, beautiful, ugly, educated , illiterate, rich, poor, religious, roadside seller or pegant. Many don't really know why they want to get married, yet they dream of getting married. Like I said, it is a good thing to be married. It is the dream of every mature person to get married. You must known the meaning of marriage? You must known your personal duties before going into marriage. Don't Rush to die is a personal academy.

Nothing gives a person fulfillment like getting married, have children and build a home.. But the truth is that marriage is not a completely sweet project and contract. It is sometimes very bitter. Like I also said earlier marriage is approved by God. But it is ordained in heaven, and as such it is not a perfect institution. That is why despite marriage courses, or decent parental upbringing, marriage still break.

I have seen the marriage of a pastor crash, despite his knowledge of the Bible and giving others counseling on marriage.

I have seen the marriage of millionaire crash despite all her wealth.

I have seen the marriage of professor break despite all the knowledge in schools.

Marriage is not a natural science where one plus one must give u two.. U don’t use the formula that worked in another person's relationship and apply in your own and expect same result. Marriage is sometimes bitter, and sometimes sweet.. One major thing that can be use to overcome marriage problems is patience and endurance.. Every marriage faces crisis. Always use your marriage to assess the marriage of others. What determines the success or failure of marriage is the mindset at the beginning with which a person have before entering to marry you. If your mindset is to go and have children, what if u are tested like Abraham and Sarah, who were barren for long. It means the marriage will crash if a child is not born in time.

if your midset of getting married is  because of lands, property or the compound you are is empty without children you want to married for borning more children. What if all is been sold out; what we the child do!

If your mindset is money, what if it dries off.. It mean marriage will crash when there is no money.

If your mindset is beauty, what if age comes and the beauty fades. marriage we crash.

If the mindset is beacuse of time is running, after you may end up marrying dog for husband, because time is running.
The only mindset that will survive all things is love...

Let your mindset for marriage be for love, So that whether there are children, money or beauty or not, the marriage will remain constant and stable. Unfortunately our ladies are desperate to marry.. They don't care to know if they can cope with the man. "Rush to Die"

Some men are ritualism, so are animals in human skin.. Lot's of Women have become victims of domestic violence, some have died. Some barely ran from their marriage with their head on their neck. Many women have been duped because of marriage promise, some have become ATM Machined to fraudulent pastors Elders, Prayer warrior, Mummy See, Pastor Give me Baby and Child, Mummy Deliver, Your salary in a month no longer belongs to you, all because of marriage .Yet some who eventually married are trying to escape from it.. "WHY" You are running away from what you rush into. The magnitude of divorce is as high as baba Ijebu players.. If u see people celebrating marriage, it is celebration of endurance.. I tell u... It is not easy for two people with different values, morals and background to come and spend their lives together ..some times it gets boring doing the same thing every day.

Think before you rush to die, marriage is not everything, plan well as much as you can.

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